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Convinto can help you take advantage of opportunities, develop and improve your, or your organizations, achievements – as a leader, a coworker, a manager, or as an athlete. Your journey will start through awareness of what gets you, or your organization, to the next level.

Thomas Viksberg has over 20 years of experience within leadership and organizational development. Thomas is an NLP Business Master Coach, ICC Business Coach, and mental trainer for elite athletes within both individual and team sports.

”Those who dare will be tomorrow’s winners.”

What you focus on, will grow...


Inspire & Train

Humans live increasing longer lives while our businesses’ lives are shortening. An increasing number of companies are finding it more difficult to survive in an ever-toughening competitive situation. Businesses or organizations that don’t prioritize developing themselves into a learning organization will eventually find it hard to survive. 

The approach of training our organization means that we must be willing to see to our shortcomings and what we cannot manage today. I am fully convinced that those who want to, and dare to, see life as a journey of growth and who regularly train to better themselves, will be tomorrow’s winners.

Education is costly – Ignorance is even more so
How Convinto can help you
The top level of competitive sports can be summed up in practice, practice, practice, practice, game. Practice, practice, practice, practice, game. A very small amount of time is spent on the actual competition whereas those of us in the corporate world believe that we can play competitive matches all the time, that we can shine every day without ever practicing. How much time do you spend practicing?

Convinto can help you with:
Leadership training – Leading the whole human
Advanced leadership training and business coaching
Creating a winning team
Creating a high-performance management team

Build a winning culture in your team

There’s a Swedish idiom that says that something is “set in the walls” meaning that it is “deeply rooted” in an organization. But when you ask what it is that is in the walls, not a single person can tell you. 

Culture is not situated in the walls of an organization but sits firmly within ourselves. Culture is created and spread through the values we radiate on a daily basis. Culture is created by what we say and what we do. Our actions. Culture is the feelings that arise as a result of our actions. Do we choose to focus on what works and is running well, that will affect the direction of our culture… or do we choose to focus differently? Creating an effective organizational culture takes time, but destroying it can be quick.
How Convinto can help you
Convinto can help you and your organization create a strong and united organizational culture, aiming to have inspired, ambitious, and happy coworkers. Remember that we all want to belong and contribut to something. Something good… maybe even extraordinary. That we all want to fill a role, serve a purpose. If we fit in to a “cultural framework” that we really accept, we are ready to move in with full force.

Convinto can help you identify, develop, and implement your desired culture through interviews, surveys, workshops, and leadership development. Based on a dialogue with you about your ambitions, we will give you the support you need to develop your winning culture.

Develop the abilities of the individual

How do you function at your best? What (inner) state helps you perform at the highest level? Should you realize that you are not at you best before an important meeting or performance, what do you do? How do you change your state?

Is it clear to you what makes you feel good and what makes you find what you do feel meaningful? Some people have a tendency to act as if they’ve lost, or perhaps never found their ability to lead themselves. Almost as if they’ve given up or lost the remote to control their own lives. They allow themselves to be controlled by external events like the weather, rather than taking hold of the steering wheel themselves.
How Convinto can help you
Research is very clear on the factors that have the greatest influence on your inner motivation and self-leadership. It is the feeling of being competent, self-determined, and finding meaning in social relationships.

Through personal coaching, business coaching, mental training, or self leadership development, Convinto can help you take control. 

Do you dare?

Develop the organization

What is it that makes some businesses succeed year after year? That they produce good results no matter the economic cycle and where coworkers both feel and perform well? When we have clear visions of our goals, structures, business plans, processes, and routines, we create good conditions to succeed.
How Convinto can help you
Would you like to explore what structures may help or hinder you in your business’ development? Be brave, ask questions and be curious about these areas and don’t be afraid to ask you colleagues to describe why things are done in a particular way. Do our frameworks and our behavior lead to what we aspire to?

Convinto can help you become aware and realize what organizational structures can make you succeed. Using surveys and assessments, workshops and inspiration, we can help you build and develop your framework.

What the clients say

Göliska IT
”With their knowledge and experience within organizational development, Convinto has given us at Göliska IT tools and inspiration to develop our organization internally and in dialogue with our customers. Convinto helps us reach our goals with satisfied customers and a growing business”
– Anders Thörn, CEO
”Working with Convinto has been developing and stimulating and an important cog in our future team development. Convinto has given me as a leader improved competence in being a coaching leader which among other things has led to our sales organization becoming more open in our dialogues and also to better consensus and cooperation. Together, we now focus on joyful and engaging parts of our everyday work which creates stimulance”
– Bo Hansson, Head of Sales
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